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Tharani Balachandran

Brown Sugar Skin is the second poetry chapbook by Tharani Balachandran. In this collection, the author delves into topics such as childhood, family, immigration, mental health, dating, identity, fertility, and motherhood. Among the collection is a poem in which the author reminisces about spending time with extended family in her childhood, a poem in which the author imagines a future in which we ask ChatGPT to start managing our lives instead of just the way we write, and a poem about the worries that parents experience when they are expecting.


The author, who is a first-generation Tamil Canadian hopes that readers can find at least one poem in this collection that resonates, as moving from childhood to adulthood, learning how to be comfortable in one’s own skin and how to love yourself as you are, is a universal experience.

Brown Sugar Skin Coming Summer 2024!

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